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Expression of Genuine Authenticity

In a world increasingly dominated by the ready-made and the artificial, Thomas James Cabinetry Inc. stands firm in its commitment to traditional quality. With the talents of Darragh Thomas James Hughes, a fourth-generation joiner and craftsman, and partner Alicia Hughes, each Thomas James Cabinetry project is born of techniques that define enduring pieces. They focus on quality, handmade bespoke cabinetry and furniture for cottages and homes throughout North America. Utilizing Darragh’s European training in traditional joinery and authentic old-world finishes and Alicia’s design and architectural background, all pieces are steeped in history, while incorporating modern function. The approach taken is simple: quality handcrafted, and truly custom pieces made in house for each individual client.

Genuine Authenticity is evident in every aspect of the practices and techniques of Thomas James Cabinetry, including a strong commitment to responsible stewardship of the environment. With an appreciation for the importance of healthy indoor air quality, care is taken to select materials with low or no V.O.C.s. and are sourced locally whenever possible. Along with their talented team of craftsmen, Darragh and Alicia work closely with designers and their clients to create cabinetry that is planned, built, finished, and installed with great care and attention to detail.


Contact: Alicia Hughes
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